Your Data Will Shock You

Today’s decision makers are trapped in a child’s game of telephone. They whisper messages, one to another, separated from their data by a chain of people and systems, passing an increasingly garbled account. Our next-generation Journey Science platform, Fox, represents a breakthrough toward putting decision-makers in direct contact with all their data so they can immediately touch it and see its meaningful shape.

If you are the head of a retail bank, a CEO or CMO in any industry, you face decisions that will determine whether your company becomes the next Sears or the next Amazon. The best asset at your disposal is your treasure trove of data. And it doesn’t give you answers. You can’t interview 50 million customers.  Sampling customers is too general. Traditional two- and three-dimensional graphs illustrate some data points, but don’t show you all the connections.

What are Bezos and Musk doing that’s different? They directly touch, create, invent, decide, and validate.  

That’s where Fox comes in. Fox puts all your data right in your face and lets you see its shape. It’s a leap forward in our 15 year journey to simplify your data and let it tell a story. We believe in finding patterns and surfacing the meaning of what happened across data with very little human involvement.

And we’ve only just begun. We see a world where the senior executive who knows the business best is able to immediately recognize the value of a single piece of data and its impact on other pieces of data across their business. There’s no one better than the executive to know what that data point means.

Fox moves us toward providing instantly recognizable, in-your-face representations of your unmanipulated, untouched data in a form that enables decision-making without a cadre of data scientists to tell you what it means.  In the same way that a smiling emoji needs no explanation to any human being, we are working to give data a meaningful shape so that as soon as you see it, it shouts value, risk, positive, negative, and correlation to other data.  

Our vision is to enable you to see the topography of your data, its shape, so answers are readily visible. Our technology conjoins data, shows value of data, lets you see why something happened in one way rather than another, and shows you how one piece of data depends on another.  We automatically find those pieces of data most critical to operating your company and connect them so that the shape of your data supports intelligent decisions.

Here is what we are delivering with the latest iteration of our Journey Analytics technology, Fox:

  • We took a giant step toward our goal of giving high-level staff and business analysts the ability to go from raw data to journeys without assistance.  You no longer have to be a six-figure-a-year data scientist to create journeys out of raw data. We’ve made the specialty tools developed for our own use over the year into a UI that puts the power in the end user’s hands.
  • We completely redesigned the User Experience from a journey analyst’s perspective to the tune of a 35% improvement in workflows across the board.
  • We enabled Spark capabilities in the Hadoop ecosystem to enable Fox to find the “why” in your data in half the time. You don’t need to spend hours trying to figure why something’s happening; now you can see unvarnished reality in minutes and take action.  
  • We streamlined the way you distribute valuable Journey Datasets so that connected journey data can be integrated at an operations level across every system in your ecosystem.

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Written by Marco Pacelli

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