198 million more minutes for you

Imagine what the world could accomplish with just a few extra minutes each day. Wouldn't it be great if you were able to do what you need to do with a company the way YOU wanted to? Companies that are taking a journey science approach to analyzing your journey with them are trying to do just that ... meet you where you want to be met.

Many of the companies you trust rely on advanced journey analytics. By optimizing journeys, they strive to make your experience better with them, which makes you love them more and gives time back to you.

What if you weren't in your wireless provider's store for a half hour arguing over a questionable charge? Would you have been at a cafe with friends meeting someone special? If you weren't at your bank for an hour going through a loan application, would you have spent extra time on your business plan? If you weren't going back and forth with your insurance company for weeks to settle a claim, would you have spent more quality time with your family? You get the idea. We'll never know what you would have done with the extra time, but we want to help you get more of those opportunities in the future.

We did a fun exercise to determine how many people have been positively impacted by journey science. Because, that's really what this is all about - analyzing journeys for opportunities to make life better in many different ways. We conservatively estimate that ClickFox has positively impacted the world by giving 198 MILLION minutes back to you, the consumer. Journey data from more than 200 MILLION unique consumers in North America, EMEA and Australia has made its way through the ClickFox platform.

When dealing with this type of scale (More than 100 Billion Journeys analyzed), the impacts are exponential and the stats are humbling. Here's to hoping you do something productive with the time that will be saved in the coming years. To put this in perspective, 198 million minutes is 376 years of time returned to consumers.

Here's how long it took to build some of the words most famous structures:

  • Empire State Building - 2 years
  • The Eiffel Tower - 2 years
  • Tower Bridge - 8 years
  • The White House - 13 years
  • Taj Mahal - 21 years
  • St. Peter's Basilica - 144 years

At the current rate, 104 million minutes, or 199 years, will be given back to consumers because of journey science each year. This number grows as more companies join the movement.

We will continue to unlock and analyze hidden journeys in the data for the companies you use, if you promise to do something great with your extra time. Then again, you are the customer, who is always right. The choice is yours.

Time is on my side, yes it is - Mick Jagger

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Written by Tim Friebel

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