Revealing the Unexpected Through Journey Analytics

Companies have become tremendously adept at gathering data about everything. So much fuss is made about sheer data quantity that the term “big data” has become commonplace. It's a given. Everyone has big data. So what?

Is having a lot of data the same as possessing knowledge? The short answer is “no.” To reveal the untold stories and unexpected opportunities that remain hidden in mountains of data, waiting to be revealed, there's a process. A wise man once said, "anything worth doing right has a repeatable process."

The uncomfortable reality for many companies, is that much of their data sits idle. There is a term for such “dark data” that is captured and stored, but sits unused; the word is “expensive.”

So, how do you unlock value and reveal new insights from all of this dormant data? Are there more practical ways than narrowly focused, rarely repeatable and expensive analysis projects to make the leap from data to actionable insights?

We're pleased to share this collection of success stories where by connecting and observing complete journeys, and applying some smarts to what the data had to say, led to actionable insights that otherwise would not have even been considered.

Let the data speak for itself, the stories it tells are rarely what you expect them to be.

eBook - Revealing the Unexpected Through Journey Analytics

Written by Tim Friebel

Tim Friebel is SVP of Alliances covering North America. Tim joined ClickFox more than 10 years ago with 10 years of experience in contact center operations and systems management and development at MCI/Verizon. While at ClickFox, Tim has overseen the PMO and Product Management. In doing that, he’s been very closely involved with the largest Journey platform implementations in the world, while helping to shape some of the concepts that would eventually become product vision.

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