How to proactively reduce churn

A major wireless client partnered with ClickFox on many aspects of customer journeys. They developed a team of analysts who worked within the platform to generate insights, along with a cadre of project managers, who would oversee the implementation of changes to various systems and an executive team driving strategy across the big data team. With the help of ClickFox, this wireless client had numerous siloed data sources connected together, including its website, contact center, retail store locations, retail and contact center employee hierarchy data, IVR, mobile app, and segmentation for business customers who received a corporate discount and had their company pay their bill for them. Over the course of 5 years, this client saw hundreds of millions of dollars in verified ROI.

Yet, there was one area the wireless carrier had not investigated: attrition. After a meeting with ClickFox’s account team and a churn focused predictive analytics team, all sides knew that journeys would be critical in spotting the subtle signals of churn propensity. The wireless carrier already had a substantial amount of data connected every single day, why not look at what caused attrition? To truly understand what drove churn, the team decided they needed a Journey Dataset that would connect the 90 days of customer activity prior to the customer churning.

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Written by Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett is a Senior Director of Client Engagement at ClickFox who joined ClickFox nearly 6 years ago and has led consulting and analytics deployments at various client accounts across financial services, wireless providers and utilities. He now focuses on the early stages of client engagements—demonstrating the power of ClickFox’s platform, identifying data requirements for target use cases and ensuring clients attain maximum ROI.

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