Lost? The Journey Analytics GPS

Phones, cars, computers, appliances, kiosks, personal devices—EVERYTHING produces data. The amount of data produced continues to increase exponentially. Where do you start!? Finding customer journey improvement opportunities to explore deeper in an enormous digital footprint is like finding a needle in a pile of needles. Enterprises face extraordinary challenges in gaining the right insights at the right time from the right data. In today’s highly competitive markets, it is essential that enterprises focus journey science efforts on relevant, contextual, and in-the-moment information.

The Journey Positioning System

Journey Analytics and navigation share a lot of similarities - from selecting an outcome (or destination), to defining an ideal experience (fastest, no toll roads, etc.), to predicting issues (traffic, accidents). Ultimately, a customer Journey and directions to a location are both a set of steps with a desired outcome that the user (or driver) hopefully takes. Unfortunately, customers don't have a GPS telling them how to interact with your systems. Their actual behavior can often end up looking like a driver without directions - getting lost or taking longer than necessary to get somewhere.

Like most Journey Analytics software, navigation software requires the end user to enter a starting location. It then reviews the ideal route and provides the best option available. Once again the world of self-service isn’t so accommodating, as users have numerous ways for both starting and completing an activity. Imagine asking Google Maps for directions to a city, without specifying a starting location! It could analyze all driving behavior within a specified timeframe to determine the optimum routes…from everywhere. This is exactly what the ClickFox Journey Research team set out to do in their latest application, Journey Trace.

Now you can begin

Following the mission to build journey science enabling tools that unlock the power of stories hidden in data, Journey Trace is the first of many applications to come this year that do just that. Trace has been in beta testing for some time with a very positive reception from clients. Its noise reduction capabilities shave days off initial discovery from common journey analytic projects. We're very happy to announce its general availability. Click below to read the full white paper  on Journey Trace an its exciting capabilities and visual.

White Paper - Journey Trace

Written by Adam Rubin

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