Journey Science - The new frontier in big data analysis

ClickFox is building products that enable the application of the new Journey Science approach to any possible Journey that can be captured. This includes business journeys, customer journeys, IoT journeys and even individual personal journeys. A Journey tells a story. It is an account of related events. Data for the billions of events occurring every minute are being captured. The powerful stories that lie in this captured data are waiting to be unlocked. That is our mission.

Journey Science is the intelligent art of deriving purpose through connected data. Each and every day we are participating in and even controlling many purpose driven journeys whether we know it or not. The complex network of data, its context and its purpose, makes up who we are, what we do and why we do it. As humans we are THE most advanced Journey Science engines. We take in an abundance of information, choose what we feel is the best, and make the most informed decisions possible. Though we have yet to apply the technology available to us to these concepts to make a better life and business decisions from the data that surrounds us.

Imagine a human embryo. From the millisecond its conceived, each atomic cell of data scrambles to find its purpose through correlation and position. At final creation, based on the time and location of each cell of data, its context becomes its purpose, and that basic element of data becomes a liver, a heart, a lung, a kidney, etc. All the while never losing its connectivity to the all other forms of atomic cells which have the end purpose of life as one connected complex network of data. The embryo has a pre-determined journey. Only when a cell of data becomes corrupted does it begin to infect its origin and alter its context its change its original purpose.

In the world of business, and the digital revolution, these same principals apply. The era of unintelligent static samples and trend-based analysis is finished. The power of machines, the availability of vast amounts of data, the access to data context and the birth of in-memory processing without limitations has given birth to a new and long awaited manner to derive meaning and purpose from data. We call this new revolution Journey Sciences.

Journey Science is to apply this concept to all data generated by our world that every business depends on. The digital version of the organ example mentioned earlier. Journey Sciences is the new movement of leveraging connected, sequenced, and contextualized data to derive and improve its purpose. This movement forges a better way forward to deliver human needs through the building blocks of the digital revolution.  

We at ClickFox have learned from the application of Journey Sciences that through the connectivity, sequence and context within data, the story of the journey can be told, the journey’s actual purpose can be derived. Our belief is that these lessons can be applied to improve business and everyday life. The Journey Sciences movement will extend past business application and will influence decisions and progression of the future.

As one of the frontrunners of the Journey Science, Bank of Montreal have applied the concepts and principals of Journey Science 

learn how they organised @@ around journeys 



About the author - Marco Pacelli has served as ClickFox’s Chief Executive Officer since 2004. As CEO, Marco is focused on driving profitable growth for ClickFox worldwide and guiding the ClickFox innovation agenda to ensure our clients gain actionable insights from the ClickFox platform leading to substantial savings, revenue growth and loyal customers. A veteran high-tech executive, Marco has more than 20 years of experience in commercializing technologies and leading companies to success.


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Written by Marco Pacelli

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