Jeff Jonas, The Wizard of Big Data, Joins ClickFox’ Board

We are honored to announce the appointment of Jeff Jonas to the Board of Directors. Jeff and ClickFox share a long-lasting friendship and connection revolving around solving non-trivial problems using data. The bigger the data the better.

Formerly an IBM Fellow and the Chief Scientist of Context Computing, Jonas specializes in unifying large, messy and diverse data sets. As relationships in the data emerge, this context reveals the hidden stories and journeys that enable the business, the analyst and data scientist alike to make higher quality business decisions.

This approach of conjoining data has led Jeff to develop big data technology to analyse and predict complex questions; from Casino Fraud to Near Earth Asteroids. As National Geographic puts it: “Jonas invents new ways to sift and sort data to smoke out wrongdoing, reunite families and solve other problems.”

Watch Jeff’s speech at the Strata + Hadoop Big Data conference where he explains all of the above ... his way.

“How can intelligent decisions be made without context?”, says ClickFox CEO Marco Pacelli. “The world, and life on it, is all about following the data path to the next answer. Jeff will bring tremendous vision, strategy and life to our dream of changing the world and our behaviours through the analytics of Journeys. It’s an honor to have this global icon and mind with us, believing in the same dream.“

A sought-after speaker and big data visionary, Jeff has been approached by many tech companies over the years. He chose to join ClickFox because of our unique technology and the problems it has the potential to solve. Marco and Jeff share a passion for solving worldly problems and believe data will be the primary driver of the new socio-economic reality.

“Journey analytics have proven to be one of the most powerful ways to better understand and service customers and drive improved customer experience.", says Jeff. "As the creators of the entire journey analytics market, I'm thrilled to be part of the ClickFox team. Their market leading technology generates business outcomes that are quite exciting.”

Jeff’s deep knowledge and beyond-the-box thinking will help propel ClickFox’ products into the next generation, setting the new standard in the way companies look at, and analyze data.

About Jeff Jonas

Written by ClickFox

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