Introducing FOX — Reveal The Meaningful Shape Of Your Data

Analytics has historically been 80% data preparation and 20% analytics. Let Fox make your analytics efforts 100% decisions.


A full service Journey Analytics platform and flagship of the ClickFox product suite. Fox surfaces value from big data and enables business users to connect, analyze, visualize, manage, and share data as Journeys. It is the core of the Journey Science ecosystem, enabling advanced Journey Analytics, and short time to value from big data by facilitating a rapid move from data ingestion to insights.

Fox allows you to connect any data from any system across enterprise silos to illuminate end-to-end customer, patient, employee, things and system journeys. It’s the only way to see where someone started and ended their journey, and every possible situation in between over the course of a day, months, or even years.

Learn More About Fox:

White Paper - Introduction to Fox

Written by Tim Friebel

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