How to Improve Prescription Refill Self-Service with Journeys

One of the nation’s leading healthcare companies provides more than 30 million people with the information and resources needed to make informed decisions. The company offers a broad range of traditional and consumer-directed health insurance products and related services, including: medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, group life and disability plans. Like many, they struggled with providing ways for customers to easily get the information they need, while also providing a great customer experience.

The company’s customers can request prescription refills and retrieve order statuses automatically from a speech-enabled, interactive voice response (IVR) system, 24x7. Though customers have the option of self-serving, a significant number of customers were still opting out at various points in the application, transferring to live agent support. The healthcare company also received complaints that the self-serve process for prescription refills or order status took too long. ClickFox was used to connect these cross-channel journeys, determine where and why customers were transferring to live agent support, and determine what could be done to reduce the time it took to submit a prescription refill in the system.

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Written by ClickFox

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