ClickFox, creator of the journey sciences dataset standard, announced today that their CEA platform has been certified on Cloudera Enterprise and is available for General Availability.

ClickFox enables Data Scientists unparalleled capability to improve Customer Experience within Hadoop. The Journey Dataset, due to the consistent, structured format, requires minimal data preparation, making it easier, faster, and more accurate than a typical raw curation approach. Standard Hadoop interfaces can now surface Journey Data to any number of reporting, alerting, or operational decisioning systems. By incorporating Customer Experience behavior indicators from the Journey Data, Data Science teams can further increase the accuracy of their predictive scoring solutions.

“Customer journeys, and the emerging science around understanding how customers traverse enterprises – in what order, across what channels, in search of what products and services – is fast becoming a crucial competency for analytics teams, and a fundamental capability to running a smart business”, said Lori Bieda, VP, Business Analytics and Insights at BMO. “This integrated analytics that binds together what has traditionally occurred inside business pillars will change the way businesses look at data, insight and how quickly they can monetize business opportunity for improved profits, better efficiency and overall client experience.”

"The journey data asset ClickFox produces is a critical input to data analysis and data science that will change how those professions approach journey analysis going forward", said Mike Olson, founder and chief strategy officer at Cloudera. “We’re excited to see all of the ways our clients will use this powerful new capability.”

The Data Science world now has the ability to leverage this new dataset in Hadoop that has already proven to increase statistical data & prediction model accuracy and performance by as much as 20%. Finally! A vehicle to help the business see immediate value from democratized data, and to help drive the movement and visibility to open source data adoption at the most senior business levels.

ClickFox is the creator of the journey data standard and the only specialized journey solution certified and embedded in Hadoop. With over a decade of expertise monetizing the world’s largest customer interaction sources, we have proven success transforming big data into connected, dynamic journeys delivering billions in incremental revenue, operational efficiencies and c-sat improvements to our clients.

We see Journey Sciences™ as the next generation of Data Analytics & Data Science. Join the Journey Sciences™ movement.

Written by Tim Friebel

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